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水銀中毒に関する研究 第2編 放射性同位元素Hg(203) Cl(2)による生体内分布に関する研究

Kobayashi, Kyozo
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By measuring the amount of radio-isotope mercury in the pricipal organs, blood, and urine of the guinea pigs administered with Hg(203) Cl(2), the author obtained the following results. 1. The author devised a method of the detecting and estimating of Hg(203) Cl(2) by oxidizing and degrading Hg203 Cl2 into the form of HgS by the Fresenius-Babo method. 2. Hg(203) Cl(2) shows a strong affinity specific to the kidneys; and also a large quanity of it has been excreted in the urine. 3. The amount of Hg(203) Cl(2) adsorbed in the blood and liver is extremely trifle. 4. A portion of Hg(203) Cl(2) introduced into the body of the pregnant guinea pig passes through the placenta and is tranferred and adsorbed in the embryo.