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自律神経剤,ホルモン剤注射ならびに視床下部刺激の脳浮腫に及ぼす影響に関する実験的研究 第1編 自律神経剤注射の脳浮腫に及ぼす影響について

Ozaki, Yasuichi
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1) Autonomic nerve effective agents, i. e. adrenalin, atropine, acetylcholine and chlorpromazine were intramuscularly injected in three groups of cats; the normal, and one before and one after the experiment of producing brain edema. Their influences upon brain edema were investigated from the point of water content in cerebral cortex by Hatschek's cobalt chloride method. 2) Bilateral jugular veins were ligated for producing brain edema. 3) In normal cats, these agents had no influence. 4) In the group injected before producing brain edema, chlorpromazine markedly depressed the progress of the brain edema, while adrenalin, atropine or acetyl-choline gave almost no influence. 5) In the group injected after producing brain edema, chlorpromazine also showed depressive effects to the progress of the brain edema, while adrenalin accelerated it. But acetylchloine and atropine gave no influence. 6) The change of water content mainly consisted in free water and total water. Bound water remained almost unchanged.