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Kobayashi, Hiromichi
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Both latent cerebral local anaphylactic and normal rabbits were used for experiment. Ringer's solntion was given into abdominal cavity and 40% solution of natrium bicarbonicum was injected intravenously in order to cause alkalosis and water retention. The content of water, Cl, Na, K and nonprotein nitrogen in cerebral grey matter was measured. The results were as follows: 1) Usually the content of water, Cl, Na in cerebral grey matter showed no significant difference between normal rabbits and latent cerebral local anaphylactic rabbits. But in the latter the content of K increased and that of nonprotein nitrogen decreased. 2) After the infusion of Ringer's solution and the intravenous injection of the solution of natrium bicarbonicum in both groups, the content of water, Cl, and Na increased but those of K and nonprotein nitrogen decreased. 3) The latent cerebral local anaphylactic rabbits showed more variation to the content of water and other electrolytics in cerebral grey matter and required a long time to recover than the normal rabbit when infused by Ringer's solution or injected by natrium bicarbonicum solution intravenously. However in case of nonprotein nitrogen content, no difference could be found between them. 4) In case of water infusion as well as alkalosis the latent cerebral local anaphylactic rabbits are more labil than the normal rabbits.