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細菌代謝に対するオキシンCu, Co錯塩の影響 第2編 オキシン, Cu(++), Co(++)の添加培地発育菌の酵素的性状

Eguchi, Yukio
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With the use of standard strains of Sh. flexineri and Staphy. aureus taken from the departmental stock, the author carried out the serial transplantation through generations on the media that was added oxine, Cu(++), Co(++), the combination of oxine and Cu(++) or that of oxine and Co(++) in order to obtain bacteria adapted to respective media. Then the investigation was made on the properties of the bacteria thus obtained. The results are following. 1) It was found the decreased activity of catalase by the bacteria grown on ox ine added media, but that activites of other other bacteria were maintained nearly normal. 2) It was revealed slight defferences between the permeabilities of inhibitor through the surface of bacterial cells cultured on different media. 3) The inhibitory effects of Cu(++) on O(2) uptake were varied by the bacteria cultured on different media added respectively oxine, Cu(++) or oxine+Cu(++). That effects of Co(++) were also varied by the bacteria on different media added respectively oxine, Co(++) or oxine+Co(++) 4) There was found no difference on the pathway of glucose metabolism resulting in pyruvate, but was noticed some difference in further oxydation of pyruvate.