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グルコース代謝に於ける二菌の相互作用 第2篇 静止菌の相互作用

Tsuzi, Hideki
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In order to study the interaction of 2 bacterial strains of glucose metabolism, the author conducted the same experiment as has been reported in Part I on the resting cells of the organism. The following results were obtained. 1) The O(2) uptake showed marked increase by the combination of 2 strains in which a strain was taken from Staph. aureus or Staph. albus, another from Strep. h molyticus or D. pneumoniae, compaired with either only. A similar relation was also observed in the oxydation of pyruvate, lactate, acetate and succinate, as well as of glucose. 2) It could be postulated that the acceleration of glucose oxydation depended upon partly supplementaly action for the slow speed of reaction in a strain by another, and partly the serviceability of metabolites produced by a atrain for the oxydation of another by means of conjugated reaction.