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Shigemasa, Motoyuki
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As a step to investigate the pathological physiology of joints, the author attemped to study the absorption of sodium salicylate and carbon black in granuloma pouch (Selye) of rats and artificial connective tissue pouch (Terazawa) of rabbits and obtained the following results: 1. The absorption of sodium salicylate in the granuloma pouch of rats and in the artificial connective tissue pouch of rabbits is very rapid. 2. The absorption of 20%-polyvinyl pyrrolidon-sodium salicylate is slower than in the former. 3. In the pouch of the hydrocortisone-protected rat (Selye), the proliferation of the granuloma tissue and carbon absorption in the granuloma pouch are inhibited. 4. When the daily injection of 100mg/kg sodium salicylate is administered intraperitoneally to rats, the proliferation of granuloma tissue and the carbon absorption are slightly inhibited. 5. After the injection of hydrocortisone into the rat granuloma pouch, necrosis can be observed on the surface of the pouch wall, proving that there is a little carbon absorption. 6. Although the carbon absorption in the pouch having remarkable fibrosis is retarded, it can be accelerated by the scraping or washing of the pouch wall.