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耐性と過敏性に及ぼす靜脈麻酔剤並びに寒冷麻酔の影響に関する研究 第1編 家兎の卵白アルブミンに対する耐性並びに過敏性に及ぼすラボナール静脈麻酔および寒冷麻酔の影響

Mori, Yoshinori
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The general anaphylaxis is obviously influenced by general narcotics and some agents. To make clear of its mechanism this study was done. The ovialbumin was administrated and the change of leukocytes, shock symptoms and skin reaction were studied every day after the preliminary management. Thus the influence of Ravonal intravenous injection and cold anesthesia was researched. The results were as follows; 1) After the injection of ovialbumin, normal rabbits showed decrease of leukocytes. Ravonal and cold anesthesia restrained its decrease. 2) By Ravonal or cold anestheisa alone, the numbers of leukocytes do not show any change. 3) The rabbits injected by ovialbumin 3 times every other day obtained tolerance in 3 or 5 days (decline of reaction) and gradually moved into anaphylaxis (increase of reaction) in 10 to 17 days. 4) In every stadium Ravonal and cold anesthesia restrained the reaction grade. Cold anesthesia restraines the shock symptom and skin reaction much stronger. The reason is considered to owe to anesthetic effect of Ravonal upon the respiratory system which is a shock reactive organ, and the duartion of anesthesia. 5) A reciprocity shows that stronger the anaphylactic shock is the more the leukocytes decrease. 6) These anesthesia restrain not only the general anaphylactic crisis but reduse the reactions in normal rabbits or rabbits with tolerance. They also effect upon the combination of antigen and antibody which is a characteristic in the anaphylactic stadium and show a controling effect.