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トキソホルモンに依る家兎の貧血に関する研究 第1編 トキソホルモン注射による家兎血液像についての研究

Hanaoka, Atsumi
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A long time has elapsed since the cause of anemia in the cancer patient was tried to clarify in vain. Discovery of Toxohrmone by Nakahara and Fukuoka, a toxic substance in the cancer tissue, gave an important clue clarifying this study. The author has studied the influence of human cancer Toxohormone on the blood picture of rabbit, obtaining following results. 1) Red cell count and hemoglobin were significantly decreased within 48 hours after the injection, not transitory in nature. 2) Reticulocyte was increased in accordance with occurrence of the anemia and returned to normal with the recovery. 3) No changes in the diameter of red cells were encountered. 4) White blood cells were slightly increased.