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癌組織毒の炎症性因子の研究 第I編 新鮮癌組織に含まれる炎症性因子の実験的研究

Hirozawa, Koichiro
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Infiltration of leucocytes can be frequently found in cancer tissues, but it is not clear whether it is due to infection, by-products of the disintegration accompanying tissue necrosis by the proliferative infiltration of cancer, or toxin from cancer cells. With the purpose to clarify this point the author injected an aseptic extract prepared from cancer tissue under the skin of mice, and by making serial slice specimens and staining these with hematoxilineosin, investigated the manners of exudation of leucocytes. In the case of the extract of gastric cancer subcutaneously injected in mice a greater number of leucocytes are exudated far earlier than in the case of the extract of normal stomach tissue. Even when extracts of other cancer tissues including breast cancer tissue are similarly injected, a maked exudation of leucocytes can be recognized, suggesting that there is some inflammation-inducing factor in cancer tissue.