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細菌細胞形態に関する超薄切片法応用による電子顕微鏡的研究 第1編 正常細菌の細胞形態に就いて

Suga, Masao
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With the progress of various examination technics, morphological studies on bacterial cells have made a great progress, whereas various problems such as mitochondria and others still need further studies. In consideration of these problems, the author studied the morphological structures of bacterial cells by means of electron microscope and ultra-thin section technic. The results are briefly summarized as follows: 1) The cell wall structure of B, diphteriae, Staph. aureus, B. subtilis and B. anthracis was electron microscopically well observed, while that of Kl. pneumoniae and B. proteus was not clear. 2) Cytoplasmic membrane-like struture was observed in B. anthracis of 5 day culture. 3) In B, diphtheriae, Staph. aureus and B. proteus, the nuclear site existed in the middle of bacterial cell, while that of B. subtilis and Kl pneumoniae was island-likely dispersed in the cell. 4) Inside the nuclear site, there was observed the nuclear apparatus of net-like or thread-like structure, through the appearance was somewhat according to the sorts of bacteria. 5) In the nuclear site of Staph. aureus, Bisset's so-called chromosome-like nuclear bodies were observed. 6) Mitochondraia-like structure could be observed in B. anthracis of 5 days culture. 7) In B. diphtheriae, so called metachromatic granule was observed, of which the outer part was of higher electron density than the central part.