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岡山県に発生せる流行性肝炎病原体の研究特に孵化鶏卵に依り分離せるウイルスに就て 第3編 免疫血清学的実験

Tawara, Jutaro
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The author studied the sero-immunological characters of the infectious hepatitis virus isolated by the chik-embryo technic. The results are briefly summarized as follows: 1) In some cases of the neutralization test and Absaettigungsversuch, with young hamsters. a pretty high degree of noutralizatien could be observed, but no definite result could be obtained. 2) With the use of chick-embryos, the neutralization could be well established between the isolated virus and convalescent sera; this fact indicates that the isolated virus is from the patients of infectious hepatitis. 3) The intracutaneous reaction with the antigen prepared from the isolated virus-infected animal organs showed a unequivocal difference to the control. Though further studies are needed, this fact suggests the existence of the relationship between the isolated virus and the infectious hepatitis.