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咡語聴能の検査用語選定ならびにそれによる一検査法 第1編 咡語単音の聴き損いおよびそれに基く咡語検査用語(単音)の選定

Aoki, Teruo
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On 300 pupils possessing normal hearing without any marked changes from the standpoint of oto-rhino-laryngology the author performed hearing tests of one syllable Japanese whispered at the distance of six meters, and obtained the following results. 1. The sounds easy of hearing are "shi", "ko", "chi", "hi", "ka", "ha", "sa", "te" and "ki" : and vowels, sonants, p-sounds, and contracted sounds are generally hard of hearing. 2. As for the mishearing of sounds, mishearing and omission of the heading consonants are extremely frequent; and moreover, there is a tendency to be heard by mistake as those sounds that have some specific relationship with formant of stimulating sounds on one hand, while on the other hand mishearing of terminal vowels is far rare. However, as for the sounds hard to hear, both heading consonants and terminal vowels are often misheard. 3. No relationship between the frequency and tendency of mishearing as well as the scholastic standing can at all be recognized, and there is found no possibility of having influences from the intelligence in the hearing of one syllable voice whispered at a given distance.