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学生軽度近視の研究 第1編 学生近視者の自覚症状に就て

Ling, Nay Kay
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In the surveys on the incidence and subjective symptoms of myopia conducted with 1,268 students of Taihoku City Daido Middle schools the author odtained the following results: 1. Students with myopia amounted to 245 (19.36%), comprised of 14.7 per cent in the junior middle school and 26.0 per cent in senior middle school. 2. The incidence of myopia among the students in Taiwan is greater in lower grades when compared with that in Japan. This seems to be due to the influence of complicated Chinese characters. 3. Most of students with myopia complain of asthenopia more often and to a greater degree than students without myopia. 4. Symptoms such as obscured vision, general malaise, pain in and about the orbit, pain in and about the eye, headache, fatigued vision, and photophobia, what seem to be due to the fatigue of ciliary muscle, are more frequently complained by students with myopia than those without.