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Kobayashi, Junichi
Utsumi, Kozo
Awai, Mitiyas
Namba, Yukikazu
Hayashi, Hiromu
Togawa, Satoru
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In this paper, the results of the several observations on the effects of high amino acids dosage on the induction and the growth of the hepatoma in DAB feeding rats have been reported. High dosage of amino acids (Moriamin S) proved to give no effect on the induction or growing rate of tumors, the blood pictures. the protein fractions of serum and ascites, and the non hemin iron level, the catalase and the succinic dehydrogenase activities and the histological pictures showed to be in the range of those of control animals fed DAB without other treatments. Results show that the long dulated injection of aminol acids for the purpose of retaining. the nutrient to the patients bearing the cancer will not act to accelrate the growth of tumors.