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放射性鉄による鉤虫症の鉄代謝に関する研究 第3編 鉤虫症血清注射の鉄代謝に及ぼす影響について

Uetsuka, Kaoru
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By oral administration of radioactive iron, Fe(59), to the rabbits injected with the serum of patient with hookworm disease or with the serum of dogs with hookworms as well as to the rebbits (the control) injected with sera of normal person or of normal dogs, the author studied the effects of toxin in the sera of hookworm disease upon the iron metabolism. As the results it has been found that the rate of iron absorption in the rabbits injected with the sera of hookworm disease is lower than that in the control, and in these test animals the rate of iron being taken into erythrocytes is also low. Fe(59) tends to be distributed more in the liver and spleen, at the same time the iron contents in organs show a tendency of increasing. This tendency is exactly identical with the results observed in the rabbits injected with hookworm emulsion (Part 2), proving that the toxin in the serum of hookworm disease is also involved in the interferance with the absorption and mobilization of iron as the case of toxin of the body of hookworm.