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血清および臓器Phosphataseの研究並びにPhosphatase産生について 第2編 四塩化炭素,胆管結紮,網内系塡塞の血清並びに臓器Phosphataseに及ぼす影響

Konishi, Hitoshi
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Phosphatases in serum and organs (the liver, adrenal gland, spleen, kidney, jejunum and the bone marrow) were estimated biochemically after subcutaneous injection of CCl(4), ligation of the choledochus and R. E. S. blocking by India ink, obtaing following results. 1) Following injection of CCl(4) the phosphatases in serum were increased temporarily and later decreased markedly, but alkali phosphatase became below the level of which before injection. Also in the rabbits ligated the choledochus those, especially alkali phosphatase, were remarkably increased, and decreased in R. E. S. blocking. 2) After injection of CCl(4) alkali phosphatse was decreased in the liver with no changes in the acid phosphatase, and no changes were observed in the liver after ligation of the choledohhus. 3) From the facts obtained in 1) and 2), it is concluded that phosphatases (at least alkali phosphatase) were produced in the liver. 4) In the R. E. S. blocking alkali phosphatase was remarkably decreased in the liver, spleen and the bone marrow. This indicates that the R. E. S. plays an important role on the phosphatase, in cooporation with decrease of acid and alkali-phosphatase in the serum. 5) Phosphatases in the adrenal gland have shown no changes by those procedures. 6) Phosphatases in the kidney were not changed by those procedures, with only exception of decrease in alkali phosphatase after ligation of the choledochus. 7) Alkali phosphatase in the jejunum was decreasd after injection of CCl(4) or ligation of the choledochus, and increased after R. E. S. blocking. 8) The spleen is related to the storage of phosphatase and has a regulation effect. 9) Acid phosphatase in the bone marrow was tended to increase after injection of CCl(4) or ligation of the choledochus, and alkali phosphatase was decreased after blocking of R. E. S.