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結核菌の物質代謝の研究 第2編 遠心操作により得た細胞内各種分劃の酵素学的活性の研究

Takizawa, Sennosuke
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In the 1st part, the dehydrogenase activities of the cell-free extract of Mycobaterium tuberculosis was discussed. In the present part, the author studied the enzyme activities of various centrifugation fractions of the cell-free extract by means of oxygen consumption. The cell-free extract was divided into 4 fractions, R(1), S(1), R(2) and S(2), by centrifugation. H37Rv, H37Ra, bovine 263 and BCG cultured on Sauton's media for 2 weeks were used in this study. The results are summarized as follows: 1) R(1) has little enzyme activities. 2) S(1) has generally the highest enzyme activities of all the 4 fractions, though some variation existed among 4 strains. 3) The enzyme activities of S(2) are similar to those of S(1), though the activities are generally somewhat low. 4) R(2) oxidized lactate and succinate of all the substrates tested, though the activity to succinate was veiy low.