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血清脂蛋白の研究 第1編 濾紙電気泳動法の吟味及び改良

Tokura, Mataharu
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The pictures of the serum protein extended by electropaperchromatography show varieties being greatly influenced by the distance of start line from the pole and the space surrounding the paper, even if other conditions, the electric strength, the time for extension, the pH of the buffer and others are kept in constant. The reason is the added effect of the liquid stream occurring on the paper to the movement of the charged protein molecules for the opposite pole. The liquid stream on the paper stretched horizontally is caused by the evaporation of water from the paper warmed by electric streaming. This can be diminished by filling the space with liquid paraffin. The pictures of the extended protein on the several papers arranged parallel between to poles show the different patterns from each others. This is caused by differences of the water content in each paper by which electric streaming varies. Serial arrangement of the papers between two poles gives always good results, yielding almost the same picture in each paper. From those observations the author designed and constructed a new apparatus for electropaperchromatography for serum protein. Using this apparatus (Fig. 3) filling the whole space with liquid paraffin, 4 papers gave always constant results which enabled the comparison of the components of serum and the other paraffin insoluble fractions.