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指爪根部皮膚毛細血管に関する研究 第1編 高令者に於ける指爪根部皮膚毛細血管の統計的観察

Segoshi, Hiroshi
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In the observations carried on the skin capillary blood vessels at the root of finger nail in 1934 cases of advanced age it has been found that the branches of both skin arterial and venous capillaries at the root of finger nail have gradually shrunk, and loops are distended and crooked, showing somewhat a lesser number of the loops. he blood circulation has become slower, and there tends to be a greater number of nodules what appear to be arterial capillary nodular changes of the vessel wall. It has been clarified, however, that such changes, that can be construed as the changes of old age, have a correlation with not only the advance in age but also with arterial sclerosis as well as with hypertension.