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有機塩化溶剤中毒に関する研究 第I編 三塩化エチレン投与家兎の尿中三塩化醋酸排泄に関する実験的研究

Kuwada, Akira
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By administering a given amount of trichloroethylene subcutaneously to rabbits the author estimated the quantity of trichloro-acetic acid excreted in the urine; and obtained the following results: 1. Trichloro-acetic acid begins to appear in the urine on the first day of the trichloroethylene administration, and its content reaches the maximum on the second or the third day. Thereafter gradually decreasing in the amount, by the seventh or by the twelfth day after the administration the amount excreted in the urine becomes trivial. 2. The total trichloro-acetic acid excreted in the urine amounts to 0.26-0.43 per cent of the quantity of trichloroethylene administered, showing a parallel realtionship between the two. 3. An increase in the urobilinogen after the trichloroethylene adminstration can be observed only in one case, and acetone bodies in the urine can not be detected in any.