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非特異性免疫反応増強作用の研究 第2編 海猽血清分屑の細菌,及び赤血球凝集反応に及ぼす影響についての研究

Otaki, Chihiro
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Bacterial agglutination and hemagglutination have been performed with the corresponding antigens to which guinea pig serum, its fractions, human serum or egg albumin had been added beforehand. The effects of these heterogeneous proteins to the agglutination resulted as follows: 1) Agglutination is increased by adding guinea pig serum or human serum to the antigen beforehand. 2) Bacterial agglutination is increased by the antigen to which the serum heated at 56℃ for 30 minutes have been added beforehand. 3) Egg albumin has the effect to increase the agglutination, when added to the antigen beforehand. 4) Albumin and globulin-fractions of guinea pig serum (fractionated by Liefmann's method), also, have the same kind of effect. And albumin is more effcetive than globulin. Fraction of guinea pig serum, by electrophoresis, have the effects in the following order. albumin > α(1) - = α(2) - > β - > γ - globulin