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所謂加答児性黄疸Ⅱ, Ⅲ型 (H.Eppinger,) の成因に関する研究 第三編 種々の消化器疾患時に於ける肝組織像の観察

Nishimura, Atsushi
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1. The histological pictures of the liver in various gastrointestinal diseases are examined, and the changes, of the swelling and thickening of the sinus, the precipitated adhesion of a hyalin like substance in the Disses's cavity, the edema around the central vein, the multiplication of intermediate piece and bile duct, the expansion and excreasion of the connective tissue and the cellar infiltration in the Glisson's capsule etc. are observed. 2. As far as the differences between the above changes and the changes of the chronic form in epidemic hepatitis are concerned, they are so close in the findngs, but they can be definitely distinguisheid with a close observation. 3. When the histological findings of liver in gastrointestinal diseases become a locus minoris resistentae and the concurrences of epidemic hepatitis exist with the above, it is thought that the II & III types of so called catarrhal jaundice may occur. 4. If the liver changes in gastrointestinal diseases beccme high, it is thought that they become showing the changes in the II type of so called catarrhal jaundice. 5. It is, therefore, proper to explaiin that the II & III types of so called catarrhal jaundice occnr with the variable origin.