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Ikenoue, Yoshio
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By giving preoperative roentgen-Irradiation treatment to 225 operable cases of cervical carcinoma, admitted to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Okayama University Medical School, from August 1, 1956 to December 31, 1957, and later operated upon by Okabayashi's radical extensive hysterectomy, the author carried out the following observations: Namely, by observing changes in the T.P.T. cell count due to roentgen irradiation; the degree of changes in cancer tissue; and R.M. Graham's sensitization response and radiation reaction, and after studying mutual relationship of these, the author obtained the following results. 1. It seems possible to know the roentgen susceptibility of the cancer by observing the manner of the increase brought about by roentgen irradiation in T.P.T. cell count in the vaginal contents. 2. The sensitization response is in no way involved in the cancer-tissue change due to roentgen irradiation, and it seems that the sensitization response is not representing the roentgen susceptibility of the cancer. 3. Radiation reaction fluctuates well correspondingly with the cancer-tissue change brought about by roentgen irradiation, and it seems that the radiation reaction represents the roentgen susceptibility of the cancer. 4. It has been possible to clarify the inter-relationship in the results of Ukida, A. Glucksmann, and R. M. Grahdm, and also it has been possible to explain them without discrepancy.