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髄液蛋白のポーラログラフ的研究 Ⅲ 上部及び腰椎髄液中の濾液蛋白の比較

Fujita, Hidehiko
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The author performed the polarographic secondary reaction on the superior and the lumbar spinal fluid in the general paresis and schizophrenia. The first obtained by pneumoencephalography was taken as the lumbar spinal fluid (L) and the 10 cc. obtained after the first 100 cc was taken as the superior spinal fluid (V). 1. As for the wave form there is essentially no difference between the general paresis and schizophrenia, but the general paresis shows somewhat clearer two-step wave form in both L and V. The wave height in the general paresis is L > V, while that in the schizophrenia is L < V, showing an inverse relation ship. L/V in the general paresis is greater than 1.0 and in the schizophrenia less than 1.0. 2. Tropp's crossing point of L is 2.8 mg% and V 1.8 mg% in the schizophrenia while L is 1.3 mg% and V 0.8 mg% in the general paresis, showing a fairly lower value in the latter. 3. As for the reaction toward the urea denaturation generally in the general paresis N/D shows relation of L > V, while in the schizophrenia it is L < V, indicating a distinct difference in the filtrates of the spinalfluids between the two groups. 4. It is assumed that the pituitary hormones are involved in the origin of spinalfluid mucoprotein.