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骨髓体外組織培養による単球性白血病の研究 第3編 骨髄体外組織培養により診断せし30例の単球性白血病の臨床統計

Kawano, Yoshihiko
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In the present report the results of the clinical statistcs are presented concerning 30 cases of monocytic leukemia, that were correctly diagnosed by tissue culture of the bone marrow during the past four years from January 1954 to December 1957. Characteristic findings on monocytic leukemia in comparison with other leukemias are as follows: 1. In clinical findings monocytic leukemia presented intermediate characters between those of the acute and the chronic types observable in other leukemias. 2. Monocytic leukemia often demonstrated a tendency to bleed, especially in the mouth, in the early developmental stage of this disease.