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Phenolkampfer関節内注入の実験的並びに臨床的研究 第3編 Phenolkampfer関節内注入の臨床的経験

Watanabe, Takashi
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1) Satisfactory results were obtained in the treatment of 22 patients of rheumatoid arthritis with intractable pain, who were not benefitted by general and local application of steroid hormone or who were not suitable for hormone therapy for side effects or associated diseases. 2) Pain on intraarticular injection of Phenolcamphor is alleviated by gradual increasing of dosage, because of its toleration. 3) Other drugs should not be injected even in which pain increases following injection of Phenolcamphor and Phenolcamphor should be injected repeatedly after evacuation of intraarticular fluid until the pain subsides. 4) Decrease of pain was marked and swelling of joint completely subsided in a chronic case with fluid accumulation in joints. There was found no relationship between severity of symptoms and of functional disturbance and effects of Phenolcamphor. 5) Effects of Phenolcamphor were persistent and neither pain, swelling and accumulation of fluid in joint recurred nor functional disturbance and adhesion developed in the case in which effects of Phenolcamphor were noted. 6) Intraarticular injection of Phenolcamphor should be attempted as a kind of local stimulant therapy in cases which hormone therapy was not effective or contraindicated and no choice of treatment was left except orthopedic method.