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Sh.sonnei S型,R型菌の酵素的性状 第1編 発育菌について

Hamano, Mitsuo
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Using S type and R type of Sh. sonnei, those standard strains stocked in our aboratory as test bacteria, the author studied influenes of N and C sources and various vitamins on cell growth and made a comparative study of glucese exidation during the cell growth; and obtained the following results. 1. When glucose is used as C source to which nicotinamide is added and then using aspartate, glutamate, alanine, or glycine separately as N source, it has been found that S type and R type of Sh. sonnei grow well in such media, and aspartate proves to be a specially good N source. 2. When aspartate is used as N source without addition of C source, neither of the two types can grow. However, glucose, gluconate, lactate, pyruvate, or succinate can be used as a suitable C source, but ribose does not serve as C source. 3. Nicotinamide proves to be necessary for promoting the growth of these two types of bacteria, but vitamin B(6) is not necessary. 4. In the still standing culture with fluid medium S type grows better than R type, whereas in the roller tube culture R type grows better than S type. 5. When the accumulated amount of pyruvate, lactate or acetate is compared with the amount of glucose consumed in the still standing culture with fluid medium using pepton as the N source and glucose as the C source, it has been found that the accumulation of these substances in the case of S type is greater than in the case of R type, indicating that the complete oxidaton of pyruvate is not carried out smoothly.