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火傷治癒におよぼすThiazolocyanin系感光色素Platoninの作用に関する実験的研究 第1編 正常ウサギの火傷時における血清蛋白分劃および網内被系機能等におよぼす感光色素Platoninの作用に関する実験的研究

Kogata, Seiichi
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The author has burned the normal rabbits, which are not lowered the function of reticuloendotherial system, dividing them in three groups, weak, middle and strong, and moreover has injected photosensitizing dye, Platonin pro kg 5, 25 and 50γ on each burning rabbits; has taken observations of their reticulo-endotherial system, Congo-red test method, electrophoresis of the serum protein and blood picture. It was found that it is effective the administration of Platonin on healing of burns, especially injected pro kg 5, 25 and 50γ owing to their burning degrees three times in every other days.