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感光色素の微生物に対する影響に就いて 第2編 感光色素の殺菌性に就いて

Ohishi, Masao
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The author investigated the sterilizing power of photosensitizing dyes, and obtained the following results: 1) The following photosensitizing dyes showed nearly the same sterilizng power as 2.8 to 3.3% phenol: NK 400 (4.4'-dimethyl-3.3'-diocthyl-2.2'-monomethine thiazolocyanine-3-iodide), NK 564 (4.4'-dimethyl-3.3'-dihepthyl-2.2'-monomethine thiazolocyanine 3-chloride), NK 573 (2.6. bis (p-dimethylaminostyryl) pyridine-l-methyl acetate). 2) All of the photosensitizing dyes of low antimicrobial activity did not show any noticeable sterilizing power. 3) A strong sterilizing power was observed in those which showed antimicrobial activity to over 160,000 × dilution. 4) In such photosensitizing dyes such as NK 74 (3.3'-diethyl-10-chlor-2.2'-pentamethine thiocyanine-3-iodide), however, in spite of high antimicrobial activity, no noticeable sterilizing power was recognized.