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実験的貧血家兎骨髄の体外組織培養に関する研究 第1編 ベンゾール貧血家兎骨髄体外組織培養

Nakamura, Keigo
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In the observations on the bone marrow obtained from femur of rabbits with benzolinduced anemia by tissue culture of cover-slip method, the author arrived at the following conclusions. 1) In the bone marrow which is histologically attacked only slightly, both tissue growth and cell function are either slightly enhanced or diminished by tissue culture. 2) In the bone marrow which is histologically damaged, the tissue growth and cell function are diminished; and the bone marrow which is markedly damaged has no tissue growth at all, resembling the findings observable in human hypoplastic anemia. 3) From these the following points have been clarified. Namely, benzol acting on bone marrow elevates the bone-marrow function slightly at first and then inhibits it, and gradually diminishing the number of parenchymal cells of bone marrow, it finally destroy them completely and thus changes them into fat marrow, presenting a similar picture of human hypoplastic anemia even in this tissue culture.