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Masuoka, Wataru
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The concentration of lactic and pyruvic acid in blood increased obviously after convulsion. The influence of them upon the cardiazol convulsion threshold was studied in cats. The concentration of lactic acid in blood mostly increased directly after the convulsion (about twice of the preconvulsive level) and returned to the normal level after 1 hour. The concentration of pyruvic acid in blood mostly to 15-30 minutes after the convulsion (2.5 times of preconvulsive level) and returned to the normal level after 2 hours. When the lactic and pyruvic acid level was markedly high after the convulsion, the cardizol convulsion threshold became markedly higher. In such cases, in which the cervical cord was cut or succinyl choline was injected, not to cause any muscle convulsion, the level of lactic and pyruvic acid did not rise and the convulsion threshold remained almost within the normal limit. After the intravenous injection of lactic or pyruvic acid these concentrations in blood as well as the metrazol convulsive threshold markedly increased.