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ポーラログラフ癌反応の研究 第1編 癌患者血清の「ポ」癌反応

Hiramatsu, Teruo
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The author has performed polarographic cancer tests, first reaction (abb. F.) by the Brdicka's original method, filtrate reaction (abb. D.) by the Muller's method. The positive percentages were; F. 90.9% and D. 81.8% in the gastric carcinoma, both 82.3% in the whole carcinomas. Although each reaction was not specific for cancer, it was aimed to improve the sensitivity, after choosing the distinguished one out of the non-specific: The positive percenteges were 90.9% in the gastric cancer and 88.2% in the whole carcinomas, when they were calculated from the formula F./2D.×15. And the positive percentage revised in accordance with the protein contents was 87.1%. F. in polarographic cancer test, comparing to the others, corresponds to Kurten, Hichijo Black's tests, which determine SH-activate grade. Huggins' and Jensen's reactions revised with the protein contents show similar rate to the Tropp's.