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肝機能に及ぼすAcrifuranの影響 第3編 家兎肝機能に及ぼすAcrifuranの影響

Kurata, Yasuo
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I gave 5% Glucose solution with 1mg% of Acrifuran (3.6-Diamino-Furfurol-10-Methyl-Acridium Chloride) to normal rabbits and the rabbits with benign and severe liver damage caused by the use of Carbon tetrachloride. Furthermore, I made a plug in the reticuloendothelial system by the use of Indian ink after the empose of Acrifuran and then observed the various liver function tests. The results obtained were as follows: The Antidotal function by the use of phenothiazine methode, the function of reticuloendothelial system by the use Congo Red methode and the function of sugar metabolism by the use of Galactose methods were accentuated and lor improved with Acrifuran, but the effect of Acrifuran was not observed on the resnlts of total bilirubin in serum, of Takata reaction. of Gros reaction, of Cephaline-Cholesterol test and Bromsulphaleine test. The bad effects on the liver function tests were not only observed with the imposition of Acrifuran, but also the promotion of liver cells' regeneration, and the hypertrophy and the multiplication of ster-cells were observed in the bistological findings of liver.