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肝機能に及ぼすAcrifuranの影響 第2編 肺結核患者の肝機能に及ぼすAcrifuranの影響

Kurata, Yasuo
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I havc given 20 cc of 5% Glucose with 1 mg% of 3.6-Diamino-Eurfurol 10-Methyl-Acridium Chloride intravenously to the 55 patients of lungtuberculosis once a day for 30 days. The results obtained were as follows: (1) In general, the various symptoms on the subjective symptoms were improved with this medicine especially were remarkable in benign and middle grade cases. (2) As for the effect of Acrifuran on the blood findings, they were much improved in benign cases, but they were fifty-fifty of improvement and unchangeability in middle grade cases. In severe cases, they were unchangeable or some of them showed anenicic. (3) As for the effect of Acrifuran on the liver function, all of the liver functions in benign cases were improved with Acrifuran. But the function of sugar metabolism in middle grade cases, and of bilirubin metabolism and Albumin metabolism in severe cases remained unimprovable. In general, Acrifuran gave much improvement on the Antidotal function, the function of reticuloendothelial system and of foreign body exceretion.