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実験的結核症のINAH誘導体による治療実験 第三編 マウスの実験的結核症に対するINAH及びその誘導体の大量投与による治療実験

Yamashita, Miyokichi
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By administering a large amount of INAH, IHMS, INHG to the mice previously infected with INAH-10γ-resistant strain bacillus, the author obtained the following results: 1. In the macroscopic examinations at autopsy with respect to the effect of a large dose of INHA to the amount of 50 mg/kg given, although tubercles can be recognized, they are not so numerous, The decrement in the colonies in the tuberculous bacilli culture of the viscera proves to be as low as 1/10-1/20 the control, indicating a fairly good therapeutic effect of the drug. 2. The effect in the case given a large dose of 300 mg/kg IHMS or 500 mg/kg INHG does not differ so greatly from the administration of 50 mg/kg INAH. However, the fact that the mortality rate and the loss in average body weight are less than in the case given INAH seems to prove mild toxicity of these derivatives. 3. From the foregoing findings it is clear that a large dose of drugs in the INAH series adminstered to the mice previously infected with INAH-resistant strain bacillus is quite effective. 4. However, these results are quite inferior to those obtained in the case of the mice infected with INAH-susceptible strain bacillus. 5. As for the change in drug-resistance of tuberculous bacilli due to a large dose of drug, a rise in resistance was observed in a small portion of population, but on the whole no increase in the resistance could be recognized.