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小児耳管狭窄症に対するラジウム治療に関する研究 第2編 遠隔成績

Takeuchi, Motoshige
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By carrying out follow-up examinations for the period ranging from two to six years after the radium therapy, the author obtained the following results. 1) In the examination around the nasopharyngeal regions by nasopharyngoscopy no sear formation could be recognized even in the cases given two rounds of the treatment and likewise no subjective complaint as a side-effect such as feeling of driness was revealed. 2) During the course of follow-up examinations there occurred 22 relapses (28.6% ) out of the 77 ears. In the majority the relapse occurred generally within six months after the treatment, but in some it occurred after more than six months to one and a half years afterward. 3) As for the findings concerning the conditons of the auditory tube in the examinations either by nasopharyngoscopy or of the patency of the Eustachian tube, all showed a marked improvement. 4) Concerning the hearing recovery at the time of re-examinations conducted during the periods from two to six years after the treatment, severe cases showed a morn marked improvement rather than the mild cases. Of them the majority revealed the average hearing loss of about 10 db in speech range. Furthermore, these re-examined cases revealed a better hearing recovery than the recovery obtained at two to six weeks after the treatment.