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土壌中に於ける鉤仔虫の垂直分布に関する研究 第2報 晩秋土壌中に於ける鉤仔虫の垂直分布に関する実験的研究

Kotakemori, Yasushi
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In the experiments conducted for the same purpose as in report 1, regarding the manner of hatching of the hookworm eggs embedded in various layers of soil in farm fields in the Okayama Prefecture during the latter part of fall and to see in what different depths these larvae are found under various conditions, the following results were obtained. 1) Hookworm larvae are found in relatively deeper layers in the early morning hours, but in the daytime some of them migrate to the upper layer where the temperature is comparatively high. 2) Hookworm larvae and their eggs all die in the beginning of winter and none survives over winter.