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再生不良性貧血と骨髄の呼吸解糖作用に関する研究 第2編 再生不良性貧血患者血清が家兎骨髄呼吸解糖作用に及ぼす影響について

Nishiuchi, Michio
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1) By successive injections of serum of hypoplastic anemic patient into normal rabbits for a long period of time marked anemia was induced in the animals, but by similar treatment with the serum of normal person no such phenomenon could be observed. 2) As for the values of O(2)-consumption and glycolysis of the bone marrow of the rabbits injected with serum of normal parson, no change occurred in the myelogram of the group receiving injections for 1-2 weeks at the same time these myelograms compared with those of normal rabbits without such treatment showed no significant difference, and in the group receiving the injections for three weeks excitatory picture as well as acceleration of oxygen consumption were observed. 3) On the contrary, in the group of rabbits receiving the serum of hypoplastie anemic patients for 1-2 weeks the percentage of basophilic erythrocytes in their myelograms increased as well as an acceleration oxygen consumption, while in the myelogram of the group receiving injections for three weeks a picture of maturation arrest and decline in the values of oxygen consumption and glycolysis, oxygen consumption in partieular, were observed. 4) It has been proved that the serum of hypoplastic anemic patient in vitro has an inhibitory action against the O(2)-consumption of the bone marrow of normal rabbit.