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Yamamoto, Michio
Taziri, Tamotsu
Kawahara, Hiroshi
Funabiki, Sadao
Egawa, Masao
Nishishita, Soichi
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Ever since June 1956 mainly centering around Hayashino, Mimasakacho, the mountain regions in the northern part of Okayama Prefecture we have frequently encountered virus pneumonia which by their roentgenographs were misdiagnosed for pulmonary tuberculosis. By November of the same year there appeared the patients indicative of virus pneumonia from their roentgenographs of chest, among pupils of such grade schools as Hayashino, Toyokuni, Toyoda, Narahara, and Kumon Grade Schools, all around Hayashino. Therefore, indirect x-ray photographs had been taken of 2, 019 pupils and found 381 cases whose shadow indicated what might be thought to be of virus pneumonia. We present herewith a report on x-ray findings of thes cases, percentage of the position of shadow appearance, clinical symptoms as well as on x-ray differentiation.