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Sugihara, Shotaro
Toyoda, Nobuzo
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The author observed 121 cases of genital tuberclosis among the in-patients of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Okayama University Medical School, during 1934 to 1955. For the purpose of coparison, 109 in-patients during the same period excluding tuberculosis of genitalia were investigated. Its incidence was 0.8% The youngest age was 21 years and the oldest 51 years. Chief complaints consisted of various kinds of gynecological natures. Nullipara was most frequent in ratio, and those who had previous history of tuberculosis were 52.5%, which were significant in number in comparison to the control cases. Menorrhagia. was present 46.2% and site of tuberclosin was the most frequent at the Fallopian tubes (85.1%). In the majority of cases was a clinical diagnose as hypoplasia uteri was given, then followed retroflexion or chronic adnexitis.