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Teyoda, Nobuzo
Komoto, Keiji
Yokoyama, Gentei
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Non-selected 96 cases who have delivered at the materity ward of the Okayama University Hospital and the affiliated Okayama City Hopital during 1954 to 1956 were investigated from the view-point of sequelae of the patients. Those who of the patients had one or more conditions out of edema, hypertention, and alubuminuria were 23 cases (23.9%) and this figure was more frequent than that of nontoxemic patient (7.7%) during the same period. Excluding eclampsia, the more severe is toxemias, the higher in rate are conseceutives. Edema had the highest rate (43.4%) of its sequelae. Age, most frequent around thirties and no difference due to parities. It should be remenbered that even slight edema may leave sometimes a significant sequelae and, therefore much attention should be paid to its treatment. The severe toxemia are likely to leave serious sequelae even if treated completely.