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抗原抗体反応の研究 第3編 高並びに低分子抗原の補体結合反応(温度,時間条件)

Nakai, Kozo
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1) All the ovoalbumin system and human serum system within 15 hours of low temperature complement fixation have given a similar titer as that of the conventional method (37°C a hour, cold 24 hours). 2) Two hours after the complement fixation test of ovoalbumin at 10°C and one hour after the fixation at 37°C, antibody titer has nearly coincided with that by the conventional method. 3) The complement fixation in the case of human serum system has been better at a relatively higher temperature. 4) The antibody titer of complement fixation of both ovoalbumin system and human serum system, first at 10°C for 2 hours, then at 37°C for 1 hour has been found higher than that in the case where the complement fixation has been carried out first at 37°C for an hour and then at 10°C for two hours.