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痔核内注射療法に関する基礎的並びに臨床的研究 第3編 臨床的研究

Shiota, Kinei
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The author has carried out clinical experiment by injecting Antihemorrhoid into hemorrhoidal node. 1) In 5% solution the hemorrhoidal node became atrophied and disappeared in short period without after-treatment. 2) In 15% solution some of the cases showed atrophies but most of them necroses. Ointment application as after-treatment was needed because of the ulceration after its falling off. 3) In 25% solution extensive necrosis was observed and needed a long termed after-treatment for the ulcer followed by its falling off. 4) There were no noticeable complications by the injection. By the results obtained above, the author concludes that this medical treatment for hemorrhoid is as effective as the radical operation, if one would select cases for this treatment with caution, and that Antihemorrhoid is an ideal medicament; 5% solution for the sclerosing, and 15% or 25% for the corrosion therapy.