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痔核内注射療法に関する基礎的並びに臨床的研究 第2編 Antihemorrhoid溶液の凝血時間並びに血栓形成に及ぼす影響

Shiota, Kinei
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The author has observed the influences of Antihemorrhoid on the clotting time under its direct action in rabbit's blood, and on the process of thrombosis pathologically, after injecting the drug into V. jugularis externa ligated doubly. 1) In the small dosis resulted a slight reduction of clotting time but it was prolonged with the increase in amount. 2) Thrombosis was observed 24 hours after the injection. In 5 and 15% solutions chemical inflammations were slight and completely organized on the 15th day after subsidence of the inflammations. However, in 25% solution produced necrosis not following by organiztion. 3) In the control group thrombosis was observed on the 5th day but inflammatory process was slight, following by minimal organization on the 15th day. The author concludes that this drug plays more important role on the thrombosis than on the blood clotting.