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Kanda, Mizuho
Nakanishi, Yoshio
Mimura, Kimimasa
Ishikawa, Masaji
Kogata, Seiichi
Miyoshi, Yoshinori
Yoshii, Shimizu
Yamamoto, Michio
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The paper is the report on the results obtained from the experimental studies to find out what extent does the influence of X-Ray affect the enzymic action of organ, the basic metabolic process of living organism. Summary of the results: 1. In healthy mature rabbits, with three organs, namely, the brain, liver and kidney, the amount found of Kateptase, Amylase and Urease were highest in the kidneys and the livers came the next, while the brains contained the least. With Arginase, it was found to be highest in the livers, and kidneys were the next, but the brains had the least. 2. Healthy mature rabbits were submitted with daily X Ray radiaton of 300 r for a period of 10 days and the animals were killled when the total dosage had reached 3000 r, and respective action of Kateptase, Amylase, Arginase and Urease in brain, liver and kidney were compared with the nonirradiated rabbits. It was found that the action of Kateptase, Arginase and Urease of these three organs have been markedly increased by the X Ray radiation and degree of influence was the highest in the brains: with Amylase action in respective organ, it was decreased and its effect was most noticeable in the brain.