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急性膵臓壊死に関する実験的研究 第2編 壊死膵組織蛋白のポーラログラム及び急性膵臓壊死時血清ポ反応に就いて

Yakushiji, Mitsugu
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The method of experiment of acute pancreatic necrosis in dogs was same as the described in Chapter I. The measurement was performed by the following method and the following results were obtained. Filtrate reaction was conducted on water soluble extract of the pancreatic tissue by Müller's method. Where C signifies the wave pattern of protein not denatured by KOH, and D the wave pattern of denatured protein, C>D is observed in general. However, the tendency of C=D is noted when tests are conducted on the mild cases to the severe. As for the relationship between concentration and wave pattern, there is a tendency of the wave pattern to increase as tests are conducted on the mild cases to the severe. On the filtrate reaction on serum, there is a slight increase in the severe cases, but there is a remarkable increase between 24 hours and 48 hours in the mild cases. This is comparatively parallel to the blood sedimentation rate of these cases.