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輸血副作用抑制に関する実験的病理組織学的研究 第3編 異種輸血による副作用抑制に関する実験的病理組織学的研究

Tabuchi, Takaji
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The whole human blood was given to rabbits by 4 cc and 10 cc per kg. In the former every case showed no descending of blood pressure, and the serum haemolysis and tissue changes did not change. In the contrary, in the case of 10 cc they showed strong descending of blood pressure and 9-10 of cases died. In the groups used Ravonal and Anergen the descending of blood pressure was strikely restrained and only one case of Anergen-group died. The serum haemolysis in these 3 groups stayed 30 minutes after the transfusion similar, but after 3 hours it strikely decreased in Ravonal and Anergen groups. Tissue changes in Ravonal and Anergen group decreased silightly more in comparing with those of contrast group and at third week it was almost completely recovered.