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輸血副作用抑制に関する実験的病理組織学的研究 第2編 家兎の輸血による過敏性副作用抑制に関する実験的病理組織学的研究

Tabuchi, Takaji
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Rabbits were sensitized in similar way mentioned in part 1. The rabbits, whose blood corpucles did not to be agglutinated by those of receptors, were used as donor. The cow sera were injected into their ear vein by 5cc per kg. They were used after 5 hours for experiments of blood transfusion. The blood was examined previously after 3 weeks from sensitization by Ogata's diluted precipitation reaction, and its alergen content was corresponded to amount of complement body. Thus rabbits blood was given into the ear vein. On that occasion both of Ravonal and Anergen restrained not only the descending of blood pressure, as mentioned in part 1, but inhibited also the ill effects.