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パラチオン中毒に関する実験的並びに臨床的研究 第三編 パラチオン中毒治療剤と血清蛋白活性SH基及びムコ蛋白

Hukuhara, Arimitsu
SH medical compounds used in this study were BAL, sodium thiosulfate, cystine, menthionine and sodium mercaptoacetate. 1. In the animal tests on the effectiveness of SH medical compounds, BAL was the most effective and then sodium thiosulfate was next, while scarecely effect was observed in the experiments of cystine, methionine and sodium mercaptoacetate. 2. By the administration of PAM, SH enzyme such as mucoprotein was promptly and certainly reactivated as well as cholinesterase.