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重積痙攣家兎脳髓のグルタミン酸に関する実験的研究 第2編 重積痙攣家兎脳髄の糖代謝に及ぼすグルタミン酸の影響について

Tomozawa, Hisao
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As stated in part 1. the factors of convulsions have also influenee on tissue respiration of the brain. of which the main part is played by glycolysis. This experiment was performed for the purpose of investigating the effect of glutamic acid on glycolysis in rabbits brain with repeated convulsions caused by hexogen and these substances of 1) glucose, 2) glucose and glutamic acid, 3) sodium pyruvate 4) sodium pyruvate and glutamic acid were added to the irrigating fluid of the vessels in the brain. The results were as follows: In the experiment with added glucose, glycolysis was depressed in the brain with convulsions compared with the normal and was accelerated when glutamic acid was added. In the experiment with added sodium pyruvates, the changes caused by the diluted blood, i.e. the medium were so striking that definite conclusion seemed to be hardly obtained.